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Victoria Secret Credit Card login-The Victoria’s Secret credit card is issued by Comenity bank and can be used for purchase online at Victorias or in Victoria’s secret retail location.  While the card cannot be used in any other stores, it rewards cardholders with points that accrue and can be used for money off of future purchases.  Victoria’s Secret, a subsidiary of L Brands Inc.(NYSE: LB), has its own branded credit card called the Angel Card. Nowadays,  people lifestyle are becoming modern and unique.  Most of the people may not know how can use this credit card for shopping and so on.

Victoria Secret Credit Card login

Victoria Secret Credit Card login

In shopping mall and a cashier asks if you want to apply for a credit card because of these almost every store has its own credit card these days, offering some discounts and benefits to frequent.  The Victoria’s Secret Angel card is one of those store-branded credit cards.  It gives customers free shipping, birthday gifts, and shopping rewards.  You will save $15 on a future purchase.  Issued by Comenity Bank, the Angel credit card also offers insider access and invites to shopping events throughout the year.

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Cardmembers earn three points for each dollar spent on bras and one point per dollar for all other purchases.  There are seldom opportunities to earn triple points on an entire purchase and rewards are issued in the form of gift card.  The Angel card charges no fees and undoubtedly targets frequent Victoria’s Secret shoppers.  Having access to special discounts is nice but rewards are limited to Victoria’s Secret and PINK stores only. Not everyone can apply for Victoria’s Secret card.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid government-issued photo ID and U.S. Social Security Number, and must be a resident of the United States with a valid mailing address.  Comenity Bank verifies personal information and obtains c copy of a consumer’s credit report when making its decision to extend redot to a potential cardholder.  The credit limit on the card depends on the applicant’s personal credit history ad finances.

How The Victoria secret credit card Works:

The Victoria’s Secret credit card is issued by Comenity Bank and can be used for purchases online at Victoria or in a Victori’s Secret retail location.  While the card cannot be used in any other stores, it rewards cardholders with points that accrue and can be used for money off future purchases.


There are mind-blowing benefits with the card and it is simply the best choice for a shopaholic person.  These rewards and benefits are given to the consistent cardholders and the value of the reward depend on the amount spent on shopping. Victoria’s secret cardholders earn rewards according to the value of their purchases, both online and in-store.  Depending on the amount of money spent on a rolling 12-month period.  All cardholders earn one point for each $1 of net new purchases on their Victoria’s secret credit card.  Once a cardholder earns 250 points, they get a $10 Angel Reward, which counts for $10 off a future Victoria’s Secret purchase.

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New cardholders receive a $15 coupon that can be used for the next purchase after signing up for the credit card.  The dollar amount is like a sign-up bonus.  The Angel rewards program features three membership tiers: Angel, Angel VIP, and Angel Forever.  The more you spend, the higher your tier.  To reach the Angel VIP tier, you must spend $500 within a rolling 12-month period.  To reach the Angel tier, you must spend $1,000 within a rolling 12-month period. Every year, Victoia’s Secret will send cardholders a birthday gift it a form of a $10 coupon.  Angel VIP and Angel Forever members also enjoy invitations to special events and options to earn triple points.  The Angel Forever members receive an anniversary gift of $10 as well.  The Victoria’s Secret Angel credit card has no annual fees.

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The primary benefit of having Vitoria’s secret card s that it accrues points that translate into money off future orders but there are some other perks, such as gifts.  Therefore, this card is best suited for those who already spend money at Victoria’s secret.

  • Every cardholder gets one point for each $1new purchase with the card.
  • On accumulating 250 points, a cardholder gets a 10 USD Angel reward.  This counts for a $10 off on a future Vitoria’s secret purchase.
  • NO interest is charged for timely balance payers.
  • No annual fee and late fee as low as $37.


Depending o your membership tier level, you will receive either a 4a20 or a $15gift certificate for evey 250 points you earn, which translates to a rewards rate of 4 or 6 percent.  Compared to ost rewards cards that offer 1 or 2 percent back that’d pretty good.  Keep in mind that your rewards are limited and can only be used at Victoria’s secret.


The Victoria’s Secret Angel and PINK Angel credit cards are private label credit cards that can only be used in the following locations.  all Victori’s secret and PINK stores in the Unites States.  Bath and Body work stores. but you won’t earn Angel Rewards points for those purchases.


Retailer cards usually come with high-interest rates and is one is no exception.  It’s really meant for the most loyal Victoria’s Secret fans.  The card has three versions and everyone starts out though the regular Angel Card.  Spend more on the card, accumulate more points, and you will b upgraded to the next tiers- ANGLE VIP &then ANGEL FOREVER.  The higher the tier, the higher the benefits.


If anyone is looking to be Victoria’s Secret cardholder, here some important steps to suggest given below:


The first step is typically the process of application.  If one can apply for the card directly at the store outlets, where e will be helped be the assisting personnel.  The best way to apply online from the comfort of your home.  On the home page, click on the tab “Apply”.


This takes you to the application page.  Here you can choose the design for your card and start filling out the resided information.The information based on your details such as name, address, phone number and so on.  Also one has to enter his Social Security Number in the corresponding space. One can also add an authorized buyer against this card if e wants, but the responsibility of payment solely rests on the registered user.


On the subsequent sections, you just need to give your consent digitally by clicking the checkboxes.  These are basic credit card policies that all have to abide by.


Before submitting, cross-check and verify your credentials.  Also, one must learn the basic things like interest rate, late fee etc. associated with the card. After submitting it takes a few days for the application to be processed and get the card physically delivered to your location.


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